Massachusetts is my home town: An interview with Lori McKenna

Lori McKenna contains multitudes: she’s a proud mother of five children and is fiercely committed to her family and the domestic life they lead in Stoughton, Massachusetts; she’s also one of Nashville’s most sought-after songwriters, whose most recent hits include “I Want Crazy” by Hunter Hayes and “Your Side of the Bed” and “Sober,” both recorded by Little Big Town.

Her songwriting history includes cuts by Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Sara Evans, and many others. She’s carved out a solid solo career for herself as well, playing regional shows around the Boston area as well as cutting seven critically acclaimed albums and one EP. Her most recent project, Massachusetts, continues her trend of extremely personal looks into her life. Lori graciously took a little time out of her holidays to talk with us about that project, her songwriting, and what is coming down the road. (written by Ken Morton Jr.) (


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